Eric Ryherd has been passionate about home automation since the early X10 days of the 1980s. Eric is an expert in the Z-Wave protocol and can help architect, implement and train your team to design, code and build practical and manufacturable Z-Wave enabled devices. There are many nuances of the Z-Wave protocol that make reliable operation in real-world installations difficult. Eric can help get your Z-Wave product to market quickly with his experience gained from using Z-Wave since 2003.

Questions about Eric or any of his blog posts?  Leave a blog comment or contact him at drzwave@expresscontrols.com.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello

    Are you the same DrZwave on Amazon?

    If you are, I read a review you posted on the LANMU battery power pack for the Arlo camera. You mentioned the power level reading 50%. Is that still the case or did it fail altogether?


    1. Yes I am. The battery power pack works great for the Arlo cameras. It always reads a battery level of 50% but it never runs out since its plugged into the wall.


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Wireless IoT Expert using Z-Wave

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