How to Upgrade Your 700 Series Project from SDK 7.12 to 7.13

This is a very specific posting for Z-Wave developers and specifically for those developing with the new 700 series chips. If you’re not a 700 series developer you can probably stop reading…

I have posted details on upgrading from the 7.12 to the 7.13 Software Developers Kit at this Knowledge Based Article on the Silicon Labs web site:

Z-Wave SDK 7.13.3 released last week with a number of important stability improvements – you want to upgrade your 700 series project to this release!

  • Several stability improvements to prevent lockups in certain corner cases
  • RSSI reporting corrections (both 500 and 700)
  • Improved timing for routed acks and fixed sticky Last Working Routes
  • OTA Firmware Activate support delaying rebooting into the new firmware until all units have been downloaded
  • Details are found in SRN14629.pdf which is included in the Simplicity Studio release: SDK Documentation->End Device->SRN14629 Z-Wave 700 SDK 7.13.x

2 thoughts on “How to Upgrade Your 700 Series Project from SDK 7.12 to 7.13

  1. Eric Ryherd April 23, 2020 / 1:38 pm

    FYI – SDK 7.13.4 was released yesterday. This is a minor update but does fix a bug in the EMU which on very rare occasions can incorrectly identify a normal wakeup from EM2 as a software reset. This applies only to FLiRS devices.


  2. DrZWave April 27, 2020 / 11:34 am

    Last week the 500 series SDK 6.82.01 was released which has an RSSI calculation fix (it incorrectly measured 700 series RSSI) and the stack space was increased which solves some rare issues with S2 encapsulated frames with MultiInstance and a large MultiSensor frame when the SOS bit is set which causes the frame to then be Transport Framework encapsulated. The best part is that now the release notes are included in the SDK release along with the documentation so everything is in one place. Download the code from the web site, not Simplicity Studio which is where all the 700 series code is located.


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